PiPer™ Packages

PiPer: Available for Enterprise Expansion

  Limited-time promotional packages for PiPer:

UL-approved WiFi Mote that integrates your -20°C or 2-8°C refrigerators and CO₂ incubators with the TRAXX/Cloud™:

Order by November 15, 2021 and save 15% on PiPer Kits.



How It Works:

What's Included

The promotional packages include the hardware, monitoring package, and 1-year subscription.

Fridge Kit

The TRAXX PiPer Fridge Kit for temperature and door position is a one-time $549/unit and the following year subscription is less than $8/mo/point.

CO incubator Kit

The TRAXX PiPer CO₂  incubator Kit for serial connection to most Thermo Scientific Forma and Heracell incubators is a one-time $529/unit with the following year subscription at less than $10/mo/point.

Avoid multi-million dollar losses of product and research.

Save 15% and employ PiPer monitoring system that integrates your refrigerators and incubators with TRAXX Cloud.


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