KLATU Announces the Launch of PiPer
the latest WiFi sensor platform provides low-cost connectivity with TRAXX™

KLATU’s latest Wi-Fi sensor platform provides low-cost connectivity with TRAXX, a powerful cloud-based predictive failure analytics platform for monitoring the real-time status, health and energy efficiency of refrigeration and incubation equipment. KLATU Networks, Inc. has launched PiPer, a new low-cost multi-probe Wi-Fi sensor device called a Mote, which connects mission critical cold-storage and incubation equipment with TRAXX, KLATU's patented, cloud- based predictive failure analytics system. With payback of less than three years, the PiPer platform is a new tool enabling the transformation from old school Fail-and-Fix set-point monitoring, to modern Predict-and-Prevent™ maintenance practices.

PiPer is a proven device that enables proactive management of mission critical assets – extending service life, reducing repair costs, predicting failures, and ultimately avoiding catastrophes. PiPer Motes are low cost, wireless sensor devices that connect lab equipment to TRAXX Cloud, a powerful analytical platform for predictive and real-time monitoring.

PiPer transforms a Raspberry Pi into an IoT multi-probe sensor device with the power of a desktop computer by the addition of industrial grade USB sensors and KLATU’s TRAXX OSTM software. Using existing Wi-Fi infrastructure for sensor-to-cloud communications and compatibility that supports WEP/WPA/WPA2 security protocols, KLATU provides the industry’s most reliable system as measured in terms of uptime.

Rick Kriss, KLATU’s Chief Executive Officer, described PiPer as a low-cost option for deploying IoT connectivity across an organization’s equipment, based on the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi. According to Kriss, Raspberry Pi has an installed base of 30 million devices; it is used in thousands of commercial applications and is widely available for easy access to the powerful TRAXX Cloud.


KLATU Networks, Inc. delivers wireless sensor network solutions helping Life Sciences companies optimize the management of cold storage assets and other mission critical laboratory equipment. Our products enable customers to manage risk, reduce operating costs, achieve energy savings, and sustain near-zero breakdown performance by transforming traditional maintenance practices from Fail-and-Fix maintenance practices to Predict-and-Prevent methodologies.

KLATU Granted its 5th U.S. Patent for Predicting Failures in Laboratory Cold Storage Systems
Key patent targets Quality of Storage™ through the use of real-time analytics to monitor temperature stability and calibration of sensors in temperature-controlled freezer and refrigeration systems.