KLATU Networks, Inc. delivers wireless sensor network solutions helping Life Sciences companies optimize the management of cold storage assets and other mission critical laboratory equipment. Our products enable customers to manage risk, reduce operating costs, achieve energy savings, and sustain nearzero breakdown performance by transforming traditional maintenance practices.

We build strong relationships and work collaboratively with our customers to incorporate the intelligence of our applications into new solutions that equal greater efficiency and performance. By leveraging our experience and providing custom engineering design and development services to customers, we help them establish business efficiencies and streamline operations.

KLATU exceeds traditional monitoring and transforms the usual “fail-and-fix” maintenance practices to “predict-and-prevent” methodologies.

Rick Kriss


KLATU’s CEO, Rick Kriss, is an industry veteran with 25 years of prior experience in the field of IT networks and he was an early participant in the development of international standards for wireless sensor networks. While CEO of a prior company, Frost and Sullivan recognized his technical achievements with an award for the Most Innovative Product of the Year in the field of wireless sensor application frameworks. As a co-founder of KLATU, Rick brings more than a decade of experience working with cold-chain applications in the Life Sciences industry.

Peter Larsson

Director of Field Operations & Customer Services

KLATU’s Director of Field Operations and Customer Services, Peter Larsson, has a background in biochemistry and brings over 20 years of experience in the domain of wireless sensor networking. He has designed and managed the installation and maintenance of hundreds of wireless sensor installations, both domestically and internationally. Thanks to his wide breadth of skills and competencies, this co-founder of KLATU also brings significant experience in the areas of system integration, testing, project management, product development, training, and customer success.

Chris Exline

Chief Software Architect

KLATU’s Chief Software Architect, Chris Exline, has been designing and developing software for over 20 years. As a co-founder of the company, he directs the development of the TRAXX System, facilitates the integration with partner systems, and works closely with customer IT groups to ensure painless deployments of the TRAXX System. Prior to KLATU, Chris was working at a defense contractor company. He brings aspects of command and control, situational awareness, and the mission critical nature of military systems to the TRAXX System.

Trisha Malone


KLATU’s CFO, Trisha Malone is a seasoned professional with more than 27 years of experience in all aspects of business in technology-based companies. She has a degree in Business Administration and an extensive background in finance, accounting, human resources, and operations. Ms. Malone and Mr. Kriss have worked together since 1993.

Chris Wilkes


KLATU’s CCO, Chris Wilkes, has a demonstrated 25-year history working in the Life Sciences industry. Throughout his career Chris had led teams developing and deploying products with a focus on product marketing and management across Medical Devices, Molecular Biology, and Biotechnology. Chris founded two successful start-ups in the late 1990s and early 2000s, both of which are now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific. More recently, and prior to joining KLATU, Chris led three different business units within Thermo Fisher as Vice President and General Manager."